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Go through entire test and programs without stopping. Complete 1-3 times each.


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Adult Bronze Free Skate Test Program Requirements

Duration 1:50


Three Different Jumps

Selected from single toe loop, single Salchow, single loop, single flip, or single Lutz.

*Required jumps may be performed as solo jumps, or as part of jump combinations or sequences, but no jump element may count for more than one of the jump requirements.

One two-jump or three-jump combination

Including a waltz jump and/or allowable single jump(s). Allowable single jumps are toe loop, Salchow, loop, flip and Lutz.


Two spins of a different character***

Minimum 3 revolutions each spin. If spin has a change of foot: minimum 3 revolutions on each foot.

***If a skater performs a sit spin or a camel spin, the position must be recognizable but does NOT need to achieve a basic position as defined in rule 6103 (A).


One Step Sequence (May include moves in the field and spirals)
Utilizing at least one-half of the ice surface

Additional Information

– For up to every 10 sec in excess: penalty of one point (-1) deduction (rule 6233)
– For each illegal element/movement: penalty of one point (-1) deduction (rule 6233)
– Extra elements may be added without penalty.
– Two different elements may be reskated, if necessary