Testing & Competition

Go through entire test and programs without stopping. Complete 1-3 times each.


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Adult Gold Free Skate Test Program Requirements

Duration 2:40 maximum


Four different single or allowable double jumps two of which must be chosen from single Lutz, sinlge Axel, double toe loop or double Salchow

One two-jump or three-jump combination** Including two jumps with at least one rotation.

*Required jumps may be performed as solo jumps, or as part of jump combinations or sequences, but no jump element may count for more than one of the jump requirements.

 **Allowable double jumps are double toe loop and double Salchow


Three Spins of a different character

Minimum 4 revolutions each spin
If spin has a change of foot: minimum 4 revs. on each foot


One step sequence (may include moves in the field and spirals)
Must be visible and identifiable and use almost the full ice surface

Additional Information

  • Extra elements may be added without penalty.
  • Two different elements may be re-skated, if necessary.
  • For up to every 10 sec in excess: penalty of one point (-1) deduction (rule 6233)
  • For each illegal element/movement: penalty of one point (-1) deduction (rule 6233)