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With The Pocket Coaches Easy-to-Follow Routines.

Figure Skating Training Programs For All Levels and Ages

The Skate 2 Great Pocket Coach™ is the premier figure skating training program designed to improve strength, power, precision and overall skating ability. Empowering skaters  to grow into their full potential and become the skater they are working hard to be.

Figure Skaters now have a practice app/program to train like professional figure skaters. From warm-up to cool-down and everything in between, this figure skating training program will help you reach your skating goals faster!


Choose a Figure Skating Level to Begin

Learn to Skate

From Pre-Free to Free Skate 6

Moves In The Field

Pre-preliminary to Senior


Pre-preliminary to Senior 


MIF & Freestyle

Pre-bronze to Gold

Special Olympics / Therapeutic Skating

MIF & Freestyle

Pre-Bronze to Gold

Skate 2 Great All Access

Access to every level and every discipline

Check Out How Skate 2 Great Can Improve Your Figure Skating

Skate with more confidence, strength, power, and precision.

Complete Training Routines With Easy-to-Use Checklists

Step-by-Step Figure Skating Training At Your Fingertips – No training routines to figure out!

The Skate 2 Great Pocket Coach takes the guesswork out of practice with level specific, easy-to-use checklists – off-ice warm-up, on-ice warm-up, edges, spins, jumps and cool down.

Every level specific training session, is a custom routine specifically designed to improve strength, power, precision, and confidence.

Simple and effective, each level specific routine is designed to take 30-40 minutes to complete.

Girl competing at a figure skating competition

Training designed Around Current US & International Figure Skating Testing Guidelines

Practice sessions are level specific and are designed around the current US & international figure skating testing guidelines. Better preparing skaters for testing in: Moves-in-the-field, Freestyle, Dance, and LTS.

With the Pocket Coach™ figure skaters will be able to have fun and stay focused on the ice. The Skate 2 Great Pocket Coach takes the guesswork out of figure skating practice and puts into the hand of figure skaters, a fun and easy-to-follow guide.


Coaches Notes – make notes on specific skating elements with

Coaches Notes allows notes to be recorded on specific elements with in the training routines, so your skaters can see their coaches notes every time they are working on that element.

e.g. Tighten your quads and tummy muscles.


Skating Journal

The Skating Journal is great for skaters to record thier short and long term goals and be able to watch their progress reaching those goals over time.


Does your skater have multiple coaches?

The skating journal is a great way for coaches to collaborate with each other on a skaters lesson – record what was taught and areas that were focused on.

Maximize precious lesson time:

Skating coaches can use the skating journal as a way to record their own lessons to remember where they left off from the previous lesson.


Skate 2 Great Features

Training Routines from Warm-up to Cool-Down, Step Diagrams, Skating Journal, and Coach Notes

Full Training Routines

Easy to follow training routines for Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Learn to Skate, Adult, and Special Olympics/Therapeutic Figure Skaters.

Moves-in-the-Field Diagrams

Detailed Moves-in-the-Field diagrams are included on every level of moves-in-the-field practice sessions. The diagrams are easy to read and easy to follow.

Coach Notes

Your coach can add specific training notes and corrections that you need to work on.

To Reach the stars all you have to do is jump higher

A Complete Figure Skating Training Programing

  • Off-Ice Warm-up

  • On-Ice Warm-up

  • Edges

  • Spins

  • Jumps

  • Cool Down

  • Off-Ice Training

  • Off-Season Training

  • Coaches Notes

  • Skater’s Journal

  • Competition Preparation Checklists

Proven Training Strategies


Incorporating the training principles used by many professionals, these proven training strategies will give skaters the tools needed to reach their full potential.

Simple, organized, and easy-to-use training for figure skaters of all ages.


Disclaimer: Do not attempt any element or exercise on the practice lists that you have not previously been instructed to do by your professional figure skating coach. The Skate 2 Great Pocket Coach does not replace a professional skating coach. The app is designed to be used in conjunction with your local figure skating coach. Skate 2 Great does not make any guarantees to the success of any skater. Results may vary. US Figure Skating is not affiliated with Skate 2 Great nor have they endorsed the Skate 2 Great Pocket Coach.