Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Who can use the Skate 2 Great Pocket Coach?

Answer: Skaters of all levels can use the Pocket Coach. Each level is designed to challenge skaters of all ages. Each level will meet the skater where they are at, challenging them with a level appropriate routine.

As the levels increase, the routines become increasingly more involved. Skaters will know they had a workout after finishing a routine. Hard work, repetition, and continually working on fundamentals is how athletes reach their goals.


Question: What type of training is the Pocket Coach?

Answer: Designed around current US and International figure skating testing guidelines, the training sessions will have skaters practice elements required by US Figure Skating to not only prepare them for testing, but help them master the elements.

The training is designed to bring skaters through complete, well rounded training sessions that builds on fundamentals and progressing thru current level elements. This type of training builds  strength, endurance, muscle memory to properly prepare skaters for advancement to higher levels and bigger elements.


Question: What figure skating practice level should I choose?

Answer: Choose the next level up from the last level test you have passed. If you have passed the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field and are working towards you Preliminary test, then choose the Preliminary Moves in the Field practice session. The practice sessions are for the level you are working on to test.


Question: How do I access the app if my phone/tablet does not have a data plan?

Answer: You do not need a phone with data to access the app. All you need is a device that has WiFi capabilities. Alternatively, you can also use a mobile phone with hotspot capabilities to connect the other device to the internet. Our daughter uses one of our old phones and connects it to WiFi thru a hotspot on our phone.


Question: How do I install the app?

Answer: App installation is very easy. Instructions can be found here.


Question: How long are the practice sessions?

Answer: Each session in designed to take about 30-45 minutes to complete. Each practice session starts with warm-ups and brings the skater through a complete training session. Warm-up, skills – edges, jumps, spins, and cool down.


Question: Does the Skate 2 Great app replace a skating coach?

Answer: No. The app is designed to be used in conjunction with your local professional figure skating coach.


Question: What if I don’t know how to do an element?

Answer: If you do not know how to do an element that is ok. Just skip that element and move on to the next. It is better to not do an element and be safe rather than try something you Have not been instructed how to do properly. Next time you have a lesson with your coach, just ask them about the element.


Question: Do I have to do the warm-up?

Answer: Yes, we recommend that skaters warm-up and stretch before starting a training session. This enables the body to perform better and also helps prevent injury, both now and into the future. Figure skating is a demanding activity on the body.


Question: Do I have to do the cool down?

Answer: Yes. It is recommended to cool down the body after skating. It is also important to stretch after skating to reduce soreness and increase flexibility while reducing the possibility of injury. Stretching after exercise is often overlooked, but is a very important activity and has many physical benefits.


Question: How do I cancel my subscription?

Answer: Log in to your membership account. From your My Account page, click the link to “Cancel Your Membership”.